Culture and Communication Trainer with German, in Cairo, Egypt

Our Multinational Client is looking for a Culture and Communication Trainer with German, in Cairo, Egypt!

Job Offer Details:

Position: Culture and Communication Trainer with German
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Languages: German + English
Start Date: ASAP


Candidate must possess a passport that correlates with the language theyre speaking (e.g., German passport for German speakers)

Fluency in German (native or near-native proficiency) is essential

Fluency in English (both verbal and written)

Bachelors degree in Communication, Intercultural Studies, Education, or related field (Masters degree preferred)

Previous experience as a trainer or facilitator, delivering culture and communication training programs in a multicultural environment

Lived in the country for a considerable amount of time (circa 2+ years)


Develop and deliver training programs focused on enhancing communication skills and cultural sensitivity for German-speaking employees

Create engaging and interactive training materials (presentations, workshops, e-learning modules)

Conduct training sessions in-person and virtually, ensuring active participation and understanding

Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify training needs and develop targeted learning solutions

Evaluate program effectiveness through assessments, feedback, and performance metrics

Provide one-on-one coaching to address communication challenges and cultural differences

Stay updated on industry trends and best practices relevant to the BPO industry and the German-speaking market

Assist in onboarding new employees, providing cultural orientation and language support

Forma de candidatura:

Deve concorrer exclusivamente aqui:

Todas as candidaturas deverão ser submetidas através do link (acima). Não são consideradas candidaturas enviadas por email ou whatsapp.

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