Electrician / Electrotechnician (localmente na Holanda)

Our partner is looking for experienced electricians/electrotechnicians to join their team in Helmond, the Netherlands! If you are interested in a new challenge abroad, this can be your opportunity!

A company who passionately creates new possibilities to grow their business and shape their category. Over the years, theyve grown and expanded. Apart from beverage cans, they now offer high-quality glass, metal closures, and food and industrial packaging.

In this position, your daily tasks include:

Resolving problems and changeovers quickly to ensure production continuity, adjusting machines and replacing old electrical components according to their specifications.

Vast knowledge how to use measuring and diagnostic devices to evaluate the working of electrical components and inspecting and cleaning the electrical cabinets, fans and fan filters.

Inspecting electrical cabinets

Working with sensors, control devices, and electrical systems

Installing new equipment and wiring, working in accordance with the applicatble safety standards and regulations

Report any deviations or problems that you encounter in the implementations phase to your manager

The agency provides:

This is a long-term, full-time job offer;

Guaranteed 40 hours/week

The Client always conducts an online interview with the Candidate before acceptance.

Candidates need to be ready to work according to a 5 shift system: 6 days in a row with two days from 06:00 to 14:00, two days from 14:00 to 22:00 and two days from 22:00 to 06:00. After these 6 working days, they have 4 days off.


CV in English is required to apply for this job;

Electricial background and experience

Relevant certificate/diploma will be considered as a plus;

Experience in using measuring and diagnostics tools

Have analytical and programming skills

Ability to read and interpret technical drawings

VOG (criminal record) is mandatory (time to send it to the agency: 6 weeks)

Ready to work in a two shift system;

Good work ethics

Flexibility and positive attitude

Willingness to live and work with multiple nationalities;

Available to stay long-term in the Netherlands.

Forma de candidatura:

Deve concorrer exclusivamente aqui:


Todas as candidaturas deverão ser submetidas através do link (acima). Não são consideradas candidaturas enviadas por email ou whatsapp.


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    Najmul Islam

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    I’m Najmul Islam. I bring a unique combination of experiences and skill sets to the position. I’m highly organized and detail-oriented. I believe that my experience and skill sets will strongly align with this position. I want to use my skills and experience to achieve the company’s highest goal.

    I have a Diploma in Electrical Technology (Technical Education). I’m Experienced in diverse roles spanning electronics and electrical maintenance, microcontrollers, IoT and automation. I have Skills in managing intricate CNC machinery, SMPS, inverters, rectifiers, gate drivers, sensors of sensing circuits, power modules, and other Hardware and software of those Hi-tech Electro-mechanical machines and also medical-grade machines (X-ray, C-arm, Electronic OT table, and other Electromechanical equipment etcetera). Analysing, troubleshooting tools and systems, and ensuring optimal operations. Good knowledge of Computer Hardware & Software. Adept in SMT manufacturing, production processes Management, SMD assembly and optical inspection, Electronics analysis, repair, Soldering, Schematic Design, Circuit Diagram, General Mechanical machinery, and Industrial machine troubleshooting Calculation and measurement. Knowledge in programming, PLC & IT hardware, EasyEDA, LTspice, AutoCAD, C to Python, ERP systems, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems. AC & DC power, EV charging controller, Current, Voltage, shortage & troubleshooting and isolating faults, Electrical Power protection system, switch Gears, stepper and servo Motor Controller, Electrical Installation, panel boxes, Distribution board – three phase- single phase, battery storage and solar PV System, Lightning protection system (LPS). Electrical Software, wiring layout. blueprints, drawings.

    I have strong knowledge of machine mechanisms (hardware – software, Electro-mechanical). That’s how I know, how I can reduce machine downtime and increase working efficiency.

    I have acquired those skills through education and practical experience. I’m Seeking a dynamic role to apply my analytical skills and technical expertise within an organization.

    I strongly believe I can perfectly attach to any technical position according to my skills, Experience and expertise. If you want you can consider me for other positions. I’m patiently waiting for consecutive outcomes.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

    Najmul Islam
    (WhatsApp: 8801772092319)

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